In your demands for facility management, we offer you with all services in a package. Ask for only and let us do the rest.

Management of office complexes, collective housing, public buildings and hospitals and provision of services therefor require higher budgets and employment of a large number of personnel. The follow-up and organization of these kinds of services in competitive and busy work conditions cause great workforce loss for companies.

In order for companies to be able to focus on their primary line of business and for their service quality to be able to be enhanced and their budgets to be able to be followed up, it becomes inevitable from now on to outsource these services through subcontractor firms in business life.

Right at this point, UCS FM renders all services other than the primary line of business of yours, our esteemed customers, with its qualified human resource and quality service understanding.

Cleaning Services

Our professional team exerts effort with a view to make spectacular every location from housing to plazas, shopping malls to factories and schools, airports to stadiums through perfect cleaning.

By means of our modern machineries and environment-friendly products, we offer all services such as façade, ground maintenance requiring dedicated equipment and personnel as well as post-construction and periodical cleaning of buildings to which we render service.

Security Services

A safe and tranquil life

Wherever you are, knowing that you are safe plays a fundamental role in ensuring your inner peace. We strive to ensure your life safety.

For your safety:

Our security personnel offer you with service through our control center operating on a 7 day / 24 hour basis. UCS SECURITY ensures that you keep away from all dangers by using the cutting-edge technology in order for you to lead a more tranquil and secure life. 

Landscaping and Environmental Planning Services

Aesthetic and grandeur will reflect also on your environment

Introduction of aesthetic designs suitable to natural and architectural structure of your environment is our job.

Touching the perfect cover of the nature with an artist touch, we transform the location where you are found into a new, different atmosphere.



Pest Control Services

Pest and rodent control is a process requiring continuity, attention and fastidiousness.

We offer effective solutions against all hazardous pests that you do not want to see at your home and in your workplace by means of our professional team and equipment and use the pesticides produced taking into consideration world health standards.  

Technical Services

Immediate solution with specialized technical personnel

Electrical, electronic, mechanical failures, determinations and maintenances of all facilities to which we render services with our personnel who are specialized in their fields are carried out swiftly.

Thanks to the automation system developed by our engineers, we offer a continuous and controllable service quality by minimizing all problems that may arise from human failure.  

In addition to periodical maintenance of devices used, our expert team offers service on a 7 day / 24 hour basis in order to intervene in spontaneous problems coming into existence.  

Support services

UCS FM offers professional support in every field you need which falls outside the scope of your primary line of business.

1)         Sewage Truck Services

2)         Clean Water Services

3)         Health and Ambulance Services

4)         Mobile Technical Services

5)         Call Center Services

6)         Park Services (Valet Parking Services)

7)         In-Office Service and Presentation Services

8)         Information and Reception Services

9)         Welcome, Host and Hostess Services 

In any kind of qualified personnel and service need of yours, UCS FM is at your disposal of yours, our esteemed customers, in order to produce swift and quality solutions.