Founded in Istanbul in 1967 with a view to rendering general cleaning services, Campak Group has improved itself by pursuing closely the needs of both Turkey and globalized World Countries and the developing technologies.

Having expanded its field of activity with its 10 different companies in total, 6 of which are within the country and 4 of which are abroad, each being a leader in its own field and operating in different service areas, and with its 15.000 employees, Campak Group is active in fields of Integrated Waste Management, Industrial Cleaning Services, Integrated Facility Management, Private Security Services, Private Security Training, Human Resources Management, Parking Lot Investment and Operation, Urban Public Transportation Services, Catering Services and Restaurant Operation.   

Being one of the important firms rendering services at European Quality Standards, Campak Group has attained both national and international competition power. By sharing its services it offers with its accumulation of knowledge and strong capital structure with the entire world, the Group continues its operations in many cities along with Istanbul in Turkey as well as Lahore/Pakistan, Accra/Ghana, Casablanca/Morocco, and Riyadh/Saudi Arabia.

Our Group has broken the grounds with many innovations in service sector in Turkey.

  • 1967 – Initiation of the first industrial cleaning services in Turkey
  • 1977 – Establishment of carpet and textile products cleaning factory equipped with state-of-the-art technology machineries
  • 1981 – Introduction of a new innovation with the brand Campak “auto coiffeur” by development of the first technological vehicle cleaning system in Turkey
  • 1983 – Pavement of the way for realization by private sector of the cleaning services works in public domains throughout Turkey upon Campak having implemented the cleaning and maintenance services works of Atatürk Airport for the first time successfully using cutting edge technology, which cleaning services of public institutions and organizations had been being implemented by public corporations previously
  • 1988 – Initiation by Campak of rendering aircraft cleaning services in Istanbul, which services had been being rendered abroad previously
  • 1998 – Realization by Campak Group of first service export of Turkey to Bucharest, Romania.

Campak Group has completed hundreds of significant and large-scale projects successfully to date from the date on which it was founded. As of today, it continues more than 100 major projects in total both throughout Turkey and abroad with more than 400 state of the art technology equipment, tools and machineries totally owned by it.

Group has taken part in many sports, art and social aid organizations within the scope of social responsibility project.

While our Group is celebrating its half-century, we extend our endless thanks to our customers, partners, suppliers and thousands of employees both at home and abroad.